• Murano glass Bracelet

Murano glass Bracelet

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Vetro Artistico Murano ®

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Murano glass Bracelet. Beads made with silver leaf inside the clear glass and black opaque glass "Pasta di vetro". Lampworking technique. Metal Parts: Hypoallergenic steel. Original handmade in Murano, Island of Venice, Italy.

Murano Glass beads are made of glass which is about 70% silica (sand). Venetian murano glass beads are made from a type of glass known as soda glass with a COE of 90 degrees which is a measurement of the expansion in heating and cooling. The murano glass beads start with glass rods which were made in Murano. All of our murano glass beads are made from filigrana canes, millefiori canes, 24k gold leaf and silver leaf inside the glass in solid and translucent colors.

More about Murano glass beads:

The Murano glass beads are intricate glass beads influenced by Venetian glass artists. Since 1291, the Murano glassmakers have refined technologies such as crystalline glass, enamelled glass (smalto), glass with threads of gold (aventurine), multicolored glass (millefiori), milk glass (lattimo) and imitation gemstones made of glass producing beads and glasswork unmatched anywhere in the world.

The process of Murano bead-making begins with the production of color canes. The chemical compounds involved in color fabrication are extremely sensitive so they must be mixed with absolute accuracy. Aquamarine is created through the use of copper and cobalt and ruby red is achieved through the use of a gold solution as a coloring agent.


Most Murano beads are made using an air pump burner lampworking or torch and mandrel technique, once the mandrel was made by using an iron rod covered with a release material stuck on the top of the rod, now a copper tube has taken its place.The copper tube helps make many other different shapes.

The lamp-work method is the most time consuming method of glass bead-making. As each bead must be formed individually. Using a torch for heat, Murano glass rods and tubes are heated to a molten state and wrapped around a metal rod until the desired shape is achieved. Several layers of different colored glass as well as gold and silver leaf are used to produce the desired effect. After the bead is slowly cooled, it is removed from the rod which produces a hole for eventual stringing.

Wedding cake beads "Fiorato"(decorated with glass overlays featuring roses, swirls and dots) and Venetian foil beads (with their fusion of color, gold and silver foil) are just two of the kinds of beads made using the lamp-work method.

Warning: These items must be kept out of the reach of children.

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