Antique style Candelholder Moretto. Kneeling on the left leg.  Murano glass factory. Candlestick.

2 fires. Venetian Moretto, a candelholder made of black and white "pasta di vetro", avventurina, crystal and 24 kts gold leaf.

Made using the glassblowing technique and moldblowing.

Venetian style, the moretto from Venice, handmade by Murano glass-makers.

Many are the stories that revolve around the Moretto. The Moretto in fact is part of the Venetian tradition, and is linked to the dense and complex relations between the Venetians and the Middle East. The existing contacts between Venice and the Muslim countries have already witnessed the legend of the theft  of the body of St. Mark from Alexandria in 828. However, since the fifteenth century, trade relations with key Islamic countries were very intensive, interspersed with occasional clashes and wars. Ambassadors and Egyptian merchants, Persian, Tunisians, Tatars and then Mamluk and Ottoman or more generically "Turks" permanently resided in the city for centuries. Similarly, there are many historical evidences of the presence of slaves "Mori" at the Venetian nobles service: in a famous painting of 1494, the "Miracle of the relic of the cross at the Rialto bridge" (which we can admire at Accademia, Museum in Venice), Carpaccio depicts a black gondolier pushing a boat along the Grand Canal, while portraits of sailors or servants or dark merchants are also found in the paintings of Tiepolo, Tintoretto, Longhi, Tiziano, Mantegna.

Without forgetting the most famous Venetian Moro, Othello immortalized by Shakespeare, or the name "Mori" attributed by the Venetians to the bronze statues that strike the hours on top of the clock in Piazza San Marco, and to the tetrarchs set on the corner of the Basilica. If the Mori were thus at home in Venice, it is normal also their representation on the part of the Venetian artisans, from  those who worked the wood (using the dark servant like candelholder or shelf or table-leg), to the goldsmiths, who create the Moretto and make it a precious jewel with a exotic style, to end with the glass makers who create masterpieces in the island of Murano.

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